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Our daughter attended a women’s lacrosse camp with other high schoolers where they learned tactical strategies from top college coaches and had fun competing as teams in a final camp championship.   I took a camera along for the Saturday morning finale.

I shoot with two cameras for weddings.  But this was a last minute decision to shoot this personal project.  And it was hot!  So I grabbed one camera and got all the coverage below with only one lens (300 f/4 IS).    The capture  format was JPEG.

Even though I shot with just one prime lens–and a long one–I used it creatively to approximate the view of a medium and wide angle on some shots for variety and scene-setting.   Sports is all about peak action and drama.   But, as always, I tried to capture the essential narrative of that morning’s athletics and tell the story of the event.


I tell my wife that if you want to provide instant cool to a movie just add motorcycles and helicopters.  No helos in this post, but we do have some really cool motorcycles.  I shot these AMA and CSS racers running practice laps at the JenningsGP circuit in North Florida.  I love motorcycle roadracing; it’s a great sport that demands supreme skill and courage.  With serious lean angles and triple-digit speeds, it’s one of the ultimate tests of man and machine.  No roll cages for these guys!

I like getting the opportunity to shoot for a variety of clients and subjects.  I think it makes a well-rounded photographer with the experience to handle any situation.  Want some killer bridal portraits on a speeding motorcycle?  No problem.