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Last weekend we went to the Great Southern restaurant in Seaside, just a short top-down drive from our house; and I ate fried ginger chicken, collard greens, and black-eyed peas.  Yum!   Lori is pesco-vegetarian and had the fresh fish catch of the day.  The Tennessee Firearms entertained us during the meal, then we went for a stroll on and around the beach.


Here’s a look into the creative space where all the processing happens.  Since I work primarily with digital capture, I do all the processing.  It’s more work, since I can’t drop film at the local pro lab for color correction.  But then I make all the processing decisions, a creative freedom that I like.

Color accuracy is very important to me, so I painted the walls gray to avoid introducing any color bias into photographs.  I used the excellent Colorwheel brand of paint in Silver Shimmer 8772W.

During the day, I work by natural light.  But at night I use a Solux task lamp and bulb because it’s the most accurate daylight spectrum artificial light source on the market.   This light does not introduce false color casts when I’m doing color correction work; and when viewing prints from the lab, I’m sure to see the colors accurately in comparison to what’s on my monitor.

My Apple Cinema Display and Mac Pro allow maximum usability and productivity; ColorEyes and X-Rite DTP-94 Colorimeter calibrate the monitor.  And I love my new Herman Miller Embody chair: it fits my back like a glove, flexes as I move, and allows for the healthy reclined seating position.   Scanner to the right and trusty Wacom graphics pen and tablet near the keyboard.  Around the corner are some bags, gear, lighting.

Note for criminal miscreants of the world:  if burglary is on your mind, please notify your next of kin and bring a pre-written toe tag.   Homey don’t play that.